Landed A Job In Hospitality? Here’s What To Wear

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The expectations placed on you in the hospitality industry can be quite different when compared to festival or event work. You see, first impressions are everything in this sector – which means how you present yourself is of utmost importance. 

Don’t let that put you off pursuing a career in hospitality though! The work can be incredibly rewarding and, by taking on just a few words of advice, it’s easy to show yourself in the best possible light. And that all starts with your clothing.

We’re here to tell you exactly what you should be wearing for shifts in hospitality. 


If you’ve ever been to a pub or restaurant (and we’re assuming you have), you’ll notice that they all have one thing in common: the staff are dressed in smart clothing. Don’t expect things to be different when you turn up to your first shift! You’ll need to wear a black or white button-up collared shirt without any frills or ruffles. When you work through hap, we’ll send you an email in advance to confirm the colour. 


Another thing you’ll notice when dining out is that hospitality staff don’t turn up to their shift in ripped jeans or tight leggings, and neither should you! Employers (and customers) don’t want to see you in chinos you’ve already worn five times this week either, so make sure you show up in your freshly washed, best formal black trousers – you too, ladies!  

Shoes and socks 

Forget turning up to your first shift in scruffy trainers. If you want to make a good first impression, you’ll need to wear smart black polished leather (or leather-look) shoes, even if you’ll be behind the bar. Your favourite high heels, flip-flops or open-toed shoes won’t do – not least because it’s a health and safety risk. Oh, and you’ll need to pair them with plain black socks! 

Make-up and accessories

If you can’t leave the house without putting your face on, you’ll be glad to know that simple make-up is acceptable. However, you’ll have to remove your nail varnish if you want to impress your employer. You’ll also need to remove any visible piercings or flashy jewellery that isn’t a simple wristwatch or wedding band. 


Your hair is likely the last thing on your mind when you think about hospitality uniforms, but it’s just as important as your outfit. As such, long hair should be tied back and out of your face. You should also be clean-shaven, or if you prefer to keep that beard you’ve been growing out, make sure it’s neatly groomed. 

Choose hap for hospitality work

Considering a career in the hospitality industry? Now that you know what outfit to wear, it’s time to start looking for vacancies! 

At hap, we work with various venues across the country that are all looking for casual staff – some of which may be local to you. Explore our current vacancies here, and then register with us to start your career in hospitality on the right foot.

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