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Got the gift of the gab? Join our promotional team. We’re in need of brand representatives and promoters who can create interest and draw in crowds.

The role

Our clients want attention, and you’re going to give it to them. By talking to people on the street, working events and creating conversations online. Our clients are putting their faith in your hands to not only boost engagement but generate sales and guarantee the success of their event.


“I’ve had an amazing time working for hap! They have always been flexible, offering me work alongside my studies or other jobs.

The opportunities are endless and the support from the office team was second to none. For those who are excited to travel to new places and meet new friends, whilst learning new skills; there’s no-one better.”

Doug S



Events and product launches rely on your hard work, so we need individuals who are dedicated and capable of selling a variety of items. What’s more, as you’ll be the face of these products and events, you’ll need to act as a font of all knowledge, answering questions from the general public and showing your brand expertise.