Market Research

We’re looking for methodical, analytical and scientific minds for our market research division. Companies all over the country are wanting to carry out research, and with your expertise we’re going to help them.

The role

Conducting market research is the process of extracting useful information from a balanced data set. That is, executing mass interviews, managing focus groups and handing out comprehensive questionnaires. To generate substantial results, candidates need to dedicate themselves to talking to sample audiences and collating information useful to the client.


“I’ve worked with hap for 3 years now and have worked at some of the best events in the UK. The staff are always amazing and I’m always looking forward to the next job!”

Kerry M


This is a role for the curious, and we reward that curiosity by pairing you with clients who offer groundbreaking products at the cutting edge of their field. The information you help gather will act as the basis of all their actions for the foreseeable future. You’ll be informing their purchasing decisions, whitepapers and marketing strategy. And that’s just the start.