Security & Stewards

Think you’ve got what it takes to keep venues secure and customers safe? You might be the perfect candidate for our security roles. 

The role

We’re looking for eagle-eyed professionals. Individuals skilled in upholding the law while protecting the interests of our clients. We’ll handle the training, all we need from you is a commitment to crowd control and a basic understanding of event security. As professionals, you’ll be expected to keep people safe, and act as an authority in situations where necessary. With your help, events can continue to operate and turn a profit.


“I’ve worked with hap for 3 years now and have worked at some of the best events in the UK. The staff are always amazing and I’m always looking forward to the next job!”

Kerry M


Small gigs, huge concerts and sporting matches – you’ll be tasked with overseeing plenty of events. Depending on the size, senior security candidates will oversee the operation and determine where you fit in. Don’t worry if you only have limited experience in security as we can train you up with skills in events management too. So what are you waiting for?