Want To Make Money At Uni? Here’s What You Could Earn!

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The average monthly living costs for a student total around £810, with over half of that being spent on rent alone. It’s hardly surprising then that many struggle to make ends meet, even despite loans and bursaries. 

What if we told you that there’s an easy way to earn money as a uni student? No, we aren’t pulling your leg – it’s possible with us! 

How much could I make as a uni student? 

We know that after attending a painfully long lecture, going to work is likely the last thing on your mind. But don’t be put off by the idea. There are several benefits of working as a university student that you may not even be aware of – money being the most obvious (and arguably the most appealing!). 

The good news is that you don’t have to work full-time to earn some extra cash on the side. If you worked as bar or hospitality staff for just six hours at £9.99 per hour, for instance, you’d earn almost £60 from a single shift. Imagine how many nights out that could fund! 

If there are enough events in your area, you could even work full-time and earn more money.  

The benefits of working with hap  

Now that you know how much you could earn working part-time while studying, allow us to introduce you to the benefits of joining our team: 


The main advantage of choosing hap for casual work is that you’ll have the opportunity to earn money without sacrificing your social life or degree. All our vacancies are flexible, meaning you can pick and choose the jobs that suit your skills, preferences and availability. 

Weekly pay 

With us, you won’t have to wait until the end of the month to receive your first pay cheque. You’ll get paid within 10 working days of your assignment, so you can start earning immediately. You’ll finally be able to book all those gigs you’ve had your eye on! 

Local opportunities 

We aren’t short on job opportunities. We’re currently working with major stadiums across the UK – all of which are looking for people who can work in a fast-paced environment. If any of these are local to you, why not apply and give it a try? 

Choose hap for flexible work 

If a part-time job sounds intriguing to you, you’re in the right place. At hap, we have a wide range of vacancies available to choose from in industries including hospitality, events and promotions

How do you apply for a role? It’s simple! Just head on over to our website, register to work with us, and select the role that stands out to you. It really is that easy. 

And if you have a friend at uni who you think would benefit from flexible work too, why not get them to sign up with you? You could end up working together!

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