Our Essential Guide To Staying Safe When Working This Summer

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COVID-19 restrictions in England have now been lifted. But while some have welcomed the change, for many, the transition to life without limits isn’t that simple. And we get it! Altering such a drastic part of your lifestyle isn’t easy – especially off the back of a global pandemic… 

Maintaining the safety of our staff has always been important to us, and we will continue to put it front and centre as we invite you on board for a summer of amazing festivals and events.

Below, we’ve laid out some useful tips for looking after yourself on the job, along with hap’s promise to provide a safe working environment for every team member. 

Staying safe on the job

Restrictions may have legally been lifted, yet many employers still require the wearing of face masks and have testing protocols in place. Because they have a duty of care to both the public and their employees, any individuals that want to work with these businesses will have to adhere to these rules. So, first and foremost, we encourage you to ensure you fully understand the company’s expectations of you.

Beyond that, if you’re anxious about staying safe while working, we’ve got some practical advice and information to reassure you that your safety won’t be overlooked. On top of heeding the government’s guidelines, we recommend that you…

Wash your hands

Regularly washing your hands is something we’ve always recommended – even before the pandemic. Event and festival work often involves public interaction, handling drinks and exchanging money. And it’s for this reason why we’ll never fail to encourage this.

You’ve all seen the NHS advice around how to thoroughly wash your hands. Although restrictions may have been lifted, we 100% support this method – if not for maximum hygiene, then for your sticky hands after getting trigger happy with a can of cider!


We know that making your way over to the sink every few minutes isn’t easy when you’ve got a queue of thirsty punters in front of you. So make sure you’re packing the worthy substitute that is hand gel – the perfect on-the-go reassurance you need.

You’ll find sanitiser stations up and down our bars and work areas, but just in case you’re not in arm’s reach, bring your own so you never go without.

Wear a face mask

Want to keep wearing your mask? We wholeheartedly support any staff member’s decision to do so. If it makes you more comfortable on the job, we’re right behind you. 

While hap will be following all venue guidelines and restrictions, you’ll never be asked to justify wearing a mask. After all, you’re the beating heart behind the bar, so we’ll back any precaution you wish to take that makes you feel safer. 

Bring your own food

At most of our assignments, we offer complimentary refreshments throughout your shift. But if you’re not quite ready to frequent the food vans, make sure you pack your own. 

Stay extra safe by bringing along your own cutlery and personal drinks bottle too.

We’ll work around you

Regardless of the legal rules and regulations around COVID-19, we’ll always dedicate our time to ensuring that every single staff member feels comfortable. Why? Because we care. 

We’re one big team here at hap, and overlooking just one member’s preference breaks the whole machine. Yes, we’ll be guided by the regulations of each individual venue, but we’ll be agile as ever – going the extra mile to support the safety of our family. It’s one of our core values for a reason.

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