Top tips for starting a new job as a temporary worker: From Angela Adams, hap Solutions Head of Onboarding. 

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Starting a new job as a temporary worker can be overwhelming, but fear not! Angela Adams, our Head of Onboarding, is here to guide you with her invaluable tips for a smooth start.


Before your shift: 

  • Read job details in full before booking temporary work. It is important to fully understand the assignment you are signing up for and research how you will travel to and from the assignment before confirming.
  • Ensure personal information and pay details are correct and up-to-date before signing up for new work. 
  • Once booked, check confirmation emails and ask questions before your shift if you are unsure about anything. 
  • Plan your journey to and from the assignment. Remember that if there is an event or festival, some routes may have changed, and normal transport services may have been altered from the standard services. 
  • Prepare your uniform in advance. Check you have all elements to avoid last minute dash to the store on the day of your shift. 
  • Maintain good personal hygiene, and when selecting personal care products, opting for neutral choices is recommended. In many venues, the client will expect clean hair, tied back and beard groomed or clean-shaven appearance. Uphold a polished appearance by opting for minimal jewellery. Additionally, it is advised to avoid false nails or lashes for a clean and professional look.
  • Take minimal belongings with you in a small bag. There is not always a secure place to keep your possessions. Large bags and suitcases are prohibited. 
  • Bring snacks and easy-to-eat meals. Food is not provided on most assignments and can be expensive at venues. Be aware that where food is provided not all dietaries will be catered for. 
  • Photo Identification is required at all venues and must be presented upon arrival.
  • Arrive early. Often, venues are large, and entrances can be tricky to locate and may have changed since you were previously at the venue.  
  • Have a flexible approx to hours. Due to the nature of the events industry, hours can be shortened or extended on the day. 


During your shift: 

  • Familiarise yourself with your surroundings on arrival. 
    • Check where your exits are.
    • Who are your first-aiders, or locate where first aid/welfare is.
    • Introduce yourself to your supervisor and manager.
    • Listen to directions and ask questions if you are unsure or require additional training.
    • Stay focused and alert.
    • Be respectful and attentive to customers and colleagues alike.
  • Stay hydrated! Don’t forget your refillable water bottle. Water stations are available throughout venues. 
  • Sign in and out with your manager or supervisor. 
  • Advise your manager or supervisor if you need to leave your position for any reason. 
  • Ask for and be prepared to receive feedback and act on feedback given. 
  • Have fun, learn new skills, and meet new people.

We trust these tips will pave the way for your success! If you’re in search of temporary work, click here. For any queries, visit our Staff Support Centre. Good luck!

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