4 Ways Hap Can Give You a Head Start in the Events Industry

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Are you planning to go into the events industry but have no experience? Look no further than hap, your ultimate gateway to success in the events industry. At hap, we’re dedicated to providing you with assignments all over the UK and IRE, as well as equipping you with the skills and experiences you need to kickstart your journey in this dynamic field. 

Here are four ways hap can give you a head start in the events industry:

  • Diverse Exposure to Sectors and Events: hap offers you the chance to work in various sectors and at different venues and events. This exposure allows you to explore and gain insights into the specific types of events you’re passionate about. Whether it’s working at festivals, events, stadiums, or hospitality venues, you’ll get a taste of what each sector has to offer.


  • Opportunities for progression: hap doesn’t just provide entry-level positions. We offer opportunities for growth into managerial and operational roles. Our success stories include Onsite Staffing Managers who started at our bars and worked their way up. 


  • Free online training: We offer free online training in essential areas such as health and safety, customer service, hospitality, catering, and bar training. These certifications not only boost your resume but also equip you with practical knowledge for the job.


  • Paid Experience and Enjoyment: While gaining skills and experience is vital, we also ensure that you’re compensated for your hard work. At hap, we believe that a great career should be both fulfilling and financially rewarding. Plus, you’ll have a blast while doing it. The events industry is known for its excitement, and you’ll be at the heart of it all.

In conclusion, hap is your one-stop destination for a thriving career in the events industry. With our diverse opportunities, skill development, networking prospects, and the chance to progress into higher roles, you’ll be well-prepared to conquer the world of events.

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