Christmas Temping: The Flexible Way To Work Between Semesters

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The first semester after summer is always an eventful one. There’s timetable changes, new people, and plenty of fun things to spend your money on – especially now restrictions have eased! But before you can splash the cash, you’ve got to earn it, and that’s where hap comes in.

Whether you’re a first or a final year student, you don’t need us to tell you that any money earned over the Christmas period will always come in handy. And the best thing about our work is that each role is flexible, so it won’t interrupt your studies.

Here, we share the many benefits of Christmas temping, and put a spotlight on the opportunities available with hap. 

Work that suits you

Going direct to an employer to ask for a temporary role comes with it’s barriers, especially when you’re juggling college or university. hap’s solution smooths the way, allowing you to earn and study in harmony. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of flexible working:

Fewer commitments

During the run up to Christmas, many students follow the same frantic routine: handing out endless CVs to employers in the hope of securing the ideal slot. But sometimes, your study commitments make it hard to get accepted.

All our roles are temporary, but that doesn’t mean you have to fulfil a short-term contract when you sign up. Hop in and out whenever you please. Just be sure to complete the shifts you commit to and we’ll take it from there. Everyone’s happy! 

Earn around your studies

While the winter break may be quiet in terms of seminars, lectures and classes, that doesn’t mean your studying has stopped. Preparation for January exams and post-Christmas deadlines can be relentless, so if you’re going to earn, it needs to be on your terms.

Registering with hap allows you to pick and choose from a variety of roles and industries, and take shifts that are convenient to you. So, instead of your work dictating your studies, your studies can dictate your work.

Save for next summer

Who doesn’t love an early morning airport visit? We’ve missed them too. Yet even for those who’ve managed to get away over the last 18 months, it hasn’t been without complications. Now, we’re all longing for summer 2022. But holidays don’t pay for themselves!  

Make sure you’re financially prepared to squeeze the most out of the warmer months by packing your wallet over winter. Once you’ve registered with us, you can apply for roles and assignments at will – topping up your holiday fund whenever you need to.

Secure winter work with hap

We provide extensive access to a wide range of industries and working opportunities. From practical to office-based roles and everything in between, our temporary vacancies cover hospitality, events, contact centres, warehouse jobs, and much more.

Our team works on a weekly pay basis, so you’ll receive your earnings within 10 days of an assignment, ready to take with you into next semester. Moving home for Christmas? Location isn’t an obstacle. We’ve got positions all over the UK and Ireland.

It’s easy to get going. Once you’ve signed up and completed your profile, a successful online interview is all that stands between you and your flexible shifts. Start by registering here.

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