The Essential Packing List For Festival Staff

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So, you’ve secured your place on the festival circuit this season. Welcome aboard! Now you’ll get to see what goes into making festivals such unforgettable events – meeting new friends and making some amazing memories of your own along the way!

But first, what to pack? Whether you’re a seasoned festival goer, you’ve worked at festivals before, or this is your very first experience of one of the biggest staples of British summertime, hap’s festival packing checklist will ensure you have everything you need to work responsibly while making the most of your weekend. 

What should I expect?

  • All kinds of weather – There’s only one thing worse than torrential downpour at a festival, and that’s not being prepared for it. On the other hand, there’s every chance there might be a heatwave too!

  • A lot of time spent outside – If you’ve gotten this far into the process, we hope you’re a fan of The Great Outdoors! Prepare to spend the majority of your days in the open air, both while you’re on-shift and in your free time.

  • Dark and cold evenings – Even with longer summer days and lots more sunlight, nightfall is still a guarantee! Prepare for the evenings to get darker and colder.

What should I pack?

For work

  • All-black clothing – That means black jeans/trousers, a plain black T-shirt, and a black hoodie.
  • Comfortable, durable footwear – A decent pair of waterproof shoes is a must.
  • A warm, waterproof jacket – We recommend something lightweight so that you don’t get too hot, and there’s always the option to layer up if needed.

For camping

  • Tent – A simple tent that can withstand the rain will keep you warm and dry.

  • Sleeping bag – This is an essential for getting a cosy, good night’s sleep.

  • Roll mat/inflatable mattress – Another gamechanger for getting some well-needed shut-eye!

For comfort

  • Reusable water bottle, along with a mug for hot drinks – In the interests of staying hydrated and saving plastic, there will be lots of taps around festival grounds for easy refills (plus hot water for a good old cup of tea).
  • Towel – Festival camps have on-site staff showers so you can stay fresh.
  • Phone and charger – There’ll also be charging points so you can stay in touch, and document the good times when you’re off-shift of course!

And last but by no means least…

Don’t forget your fun, festival spirit and can-do attitude! Festivals are truly what you make of them, so when you get stuck in and give it your all, whatever the weather – literally – you’re bound to have a blast.

Check out our festival and events list here. If you have any questions for our team, feel free to ask! Simply email us at, or call us on 0161 660 9686. We look forward to seeing you in the fields!

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