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One of our most Frequently Asked Questions is: ‘How do I apply for Summer Festival work?’- well, it’s easy! There is no deposit required, you just need to make sure you are following these instructions:

1.Have an active account with up to date details

Do you have an active account with us? If not, make sure you have completed your online interview, been successful and completed Step 4 on your account (setting your Academy password, filling in your bank details and agreeing to T&Cs).

If you haven’t used your account in a while please make sure your email address and phone number are correct, so we can contact you!

2. Express Your Interest

When our festival & event line-up is released in May, log in to your account, go to our Event Vacancies Page and ‘Express Your Interest’ in all the events and festivals you would like to work. This does not book your shifts for that event (so if you change your mind, no worries), but let’s us know how popular an event is: make sure you do this early, as we will close events once a certain number of people have Expressed Their Interest.

3. Secure Your Place

Around a month before an event or festival, your next step is to Secure Your Place: this triggers an email telling you when your Call Back Day is. Again, this does not book your shifts for that event, but it puts you on a smaller list of people who are intending to work (at this point you can still change your mind, no need to let us know, just don’t call the office to book your shifts).

You MUST Secure Your Place if you want to work an event or festival- if you call the office on the Call Back Day without doing this you will not be able to book shifts. Please be aware that the Secure Place list for popular festivals fills up FAST and we will close this list at a certain amount of people (this is to cut down on the amount of people calling on Call Back Day and to limit potential disappointment if the shifts book out quickly).

We open up the Secure Place list for events the month before, so for example, all festivals and events in June will open for Secure Place the first week in May. We will announce when we are opening Secure Place for the next month via email and on our Facebook & Instagram.

4. Call Back Day

If you want to work an event or festival you MUST call the office on your Call Back Day, this date & time is on your Secure Place Email and it is listed on your My Account Page. If the event is very small, you wish to get on a staff coach or you want to nab the longest shifts, we recommend calling as early as possible (so if the Call Back time is 11am – 2pm, call at 11am!), to make sure you get the option you wanted.

There may be long hold times on the phone, especially for big events, please just wait and be patient- the phone lines operate a queue system, if you hang up and call back you will be placed at the end of the queue, effectively doubling your wait time.

To make these queue times a bit quicker you can call up for you and all your friends- just make sure they have Secured Their Place, and you know their full names, contact numbers and what shift or transport option they wanted. Typically if you are working a weekend camping festival and getting the staff coach we will ask you to get to site on the Thursday, and you will be leaving on the Monday morning- even if shifts are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This does vary by event depending on location and shift requirements, make sure you check the Event Vacancy in detail so you know you are available for all the days that you need to be on site.

5. Your Confirmation Email

Within 48 hours of calling to book your shifts you will receive your Confirmation Email, this will include all the important information such as uniform, meeting points, shifts, food, etc- please read this carefully and if something doesn’t seem right, call us and let us know. We can’t fix it if we don’t know about it!

At big camping festivals your shifts will be allocated on site, however you will be working every day (unless told otherwise when you booked, for example if you are arriving late Thursday you probably won’t be working Thursday night)- so these will not be on your Confirmation Email. At non camping events your Confirmation Email will contain shift times.

If you have not received your Confirmation Email please first check your junk mail- we send a lot of emails so some end up there, mark us as a safe sender and that wont happen again. If the Confirmation Email is not in your Inbox or Junk Mail please give us a call and let us know so we can resend!

6. Confirmation Text

The day before a festival or event we will send you a Confirmation Text, which will have a brief run down of your Confirmation Email and most importantly will reconfirm your meeting time and location. Make sure you read this- sometimes with big festivals they will change our meeting locations, we can’t call 700 people so we will text you any updates as soon as we know them (we know you can’t always check emails when you’re on your way, thus the text). We may also text you any important updates or information on the day (such as weather changes, uniform etc) so make sure you read these because if we are texting you the day of an event it is probably important!

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