Not Just A Summer Job: How Bar Work Could Kick-Start Your Career

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The student summer holiday: a golden gap between terms to line your wallets in preparation for another year at university. While some choose the route of office work to earn a quick buck, this often comes with a social sacrifice. But what if you could earn, socialise and give yourself great career opportunities at the same time? Bar work is your answer.

Keep reading to see why serving drinks can be so much more than just a summer job – and why now is a better time than ever to get behind the bar. 

Life on the bar

During what is a troubling time for many bar owners, professionals across the UK are shouting proudly about how invaluable their hospitality ‘holiday job’ was in shaping their career. And while bar work may seem like a stop gap to some, the skills, connections and opportunities for the future are there to be had.

Whether it’s for an independent business, a festival or an event, bar work is a very immersive role. You’ll swap the computer screen for a bustling interactive shift of communication, relationship building and life lessons – and, of course, all the transferable and tangible skills that you’ll pick up along the way. 

Yes, it’s a great way to earn money over the summer, but it doesn’t have to end there. In fact, for many, a casual bar job was just the beginning…

Opportunities beyond the bar

From the moment you serve your first drink onwards, a door is opened into an industry that has a lot to give. No matter your plans for the future, there’s a good chance hospitality is linked to it in one way or another – whether that’s working with the public, working as a team, using technology, or thriving in a fast-paced environment. So, when you’re grafting on the ground, take this opportunity to gain a first-hand insight into all the moving parts that come together to make the machine.

Aside from venue functions, the family-like morale on bar teams is unlike any other. Not only will this tight-knit comradery help you learn more about the industry, but you’ll form long-term links that might just be worth revisiting after graduation. That’s why, when you open the door to summer bar work, we recommend leaving your foot in it before you head back to university – it might be the best decision you ever make. 

But why does the current state of the industry make now a better time than any to get into bar work?

The time is now

The current staff shortage in hospitality poses a big challenge for business owners, but a great opportunity for students looking for summer work. With the right attitude, more vacancies means more freedom for you to choose a business or role that aligns with you. 

As well as supporting a vital industry, you could be laying the groundwork for your future with lifelong skills and invaluable connections. This affinity with hospitality, combined with the experience and knowledge you possess, could see you coming back to offer an employer something a little more than pulling pints. 

But if you’re worried about committing to a role with term time around the corner, there is a solution. hap is a flexible staffing company, which means you get to work as little or as often as you like on a range of exciting, local opportunities. Bar Managers Edite and Doug seem to enjoy working with us, and we’re sure you will too.

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