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Whether you’re flipping the script in 2022, or you’re eager to broaden your skills palette, hap is the place to learn something new. We don’t just assign candidates, we coach and prepare them to excel in a range of exciting industries, widening the career goalposts for everyone who signs up.

Ready to seize the day? Once you’ve passed through the interview stage, you’ll be granted free access to our training programme: Academy HQ. Here are six things you’ll learn on our nationally recognised courses.

1. Health and safety

An already crucial area for many industries, health and safety catapulted in importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it sits firmly at the top of the agenda for most employers.

Our course ensures your knowledge and skills in this area are up to scratch, which will stand you in great stead when applying for vacancies. You’ll also be one step ahead for any roles where it’s a fixed requirement.

2. Customer service

One of the first things you’re taught in any people-facing role is that the customer is always right. Although there might be times when this isn’t quite true, knowing how to approach such situations can make a big difference to how well you do in a job.

Many of the vacancies at hap involve interacting with customers. If that’s new territory for you, don’t worry. Our essential customer service course will get you up to speed on the skills you need.

3. Hospitality

Hospitality is one of the most rewarding industries to work in. From the variety of opportunities and skills to be learned, to the wonderful people you meet along the way.

With our course, you can get a head start and impress employers right from the off. Plus, you’ll open yourself up to a wider range of vacancies available within the sector.

4. Catering

When it comes to food and drink handling, there’s little room for error. But once you nail the ins and outs of the catering industry, you won’t be short of opportunities.

Learn the essentials around food contamination, allergens and more on our dedicated training course. This way, you can stand out to employers looking for the necessary skills.

5. Bar training

Think bar work is just about pouring pints? OK, it does involve a lot of that, but this only scratches the surface of the responsibilities you might need on the job.

Show employers that you know your stuff by taking our bar training course. You’ll gain relevant skills and learn everything you need to know about serving alcohol at a bar or event.

6. Scottish mandatory licensing training

Do you consider Leeds and Manchester to be down south? Chances are, you’re in Scotland. But whether you’re a native or not, if you want to work at a bar there, you’ll need specific licensing training.

That’s where hap can help. Our two-hour compulsory course ticks all the boxes, and prepares you for bar work in the real north.

Upskill this year with hap

All of our courses are super flexible, you can learn without paying a penny, and you’ll get first-hand access to tonnes of vacancies across the UK. So, what are you waiting for? hap wants to hear from you.

Fulfil your resolutions, enhance your skill set and take control of your career by registering with us today, or check out our vacancy list here.

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