The Warehouse: What To Expect From Warehousing Jobs

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Warehouses are one of the most fruitful employers out of any industry, with roles and opportunities by the stack full. But whether you’re a seasoned warehouse worker or new to the world of high vis, hardhats and forklifts, you may be wondering which route into this line of work you should take. An outsourced staffing solution? Or permanent employment?

In fact, temporary warehouse work offers tonnes of advantages over permanent work that many keen grafters are unaware of. And in this blog, we’ll highlight why it could be the ideal solution for you – no matter what stage in your warehouse journey you are.

Warehouse working the outsourced way

Let’s start by getting a few things straight. Temporary warehouse work doesn’t lack benefits, it doesn’t stunt your career progression, and it certainly won’t leave you out of pocket. Actually, it offers the complete opposite. Here’s how.

Easier entry

New to warehouse work? Breaking into an industry from the ground up can be tough. The familiar line of ‘X years of experience required’ leaves relevant job vacancies few and far between, and this can be exhausting. Where warehouse companies may lack the time and resources to support fresh entrants, staffing agencies do not.

If you’re hardworking and willing to learn, you’ll find the relevant training and support available. The agency will also have their reputation with the employer to consider. So, you can trust that it’s in their interest to identify what job you’re best placed to do, and ensure that you’re fully equipped to do it. 

Variety of work

From pickers and packers to drivers and senior roles, outsourced warehouse work gives you access to the same kinds of opportunities that you can expect from a permanent job. It will be fast-paced, time-driven and dependent on reliable workers with a strong work ethic. 

Where staffing agencies differ, however, is with the variety of work you’ll have access to. If you’re new to the industry, you’ll discover the freedom to learn a range of skills from multiple roles across all available vacancies. This will stand you in good stead moving forward and eliminates the risk of entering a fixed role that you may come to dislike. 

No stranger to the industry? Temporary vacancies are a great way to spread your wings and break away from the monotony of a role that you may have become less fond of in the past.

Flexible around motives

Whether the warehouse is your destined career path, you’re testing the water in a new industry, or you need a quick working solution before moving on to pastures new, outsourced staffing solutions support all three. 

Unlike permanent work, all you’ll need to prove is your suitability for the role and you’ll find a vacancy that works for you in no time. It’s time to start working the hap way.

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hap provides the kind of staffing solution mentioned here, but with unmatched flexibility to suit your needs. We’re talking about weekly pay. The freedom to select your own assignments. And the potential to work all over the UK. 

We’ll even provide opportunities for you to progress in your career within hap, gradually offering more senior placements to those who shine on the job.

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