Our Festival Line-Up Has Landed, And It’s Bigger Than Ever!

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At long last, we have the great pleasure of presenting the hap festival line-up 2022!

This is our BIGGEST EVER line-up, and we couldn’t be more giddy. From all-out campers to one-off mega-shows, this list has been getting us weak at the knees – not just because of the huge number of amazing dates, but because it’s been such a challenge to keep it a secret!

Let’s get to work unpacking this huge summer offering, so you can get to work (and play, of course) at some of the best festivals the UK has to offer this year. 

The line-up

Honestly, there really are too many names to mention – we’d be here all day! Instead, we’ll share a few notable highlights, along with a brief insight into what you can expect from working at the different types of shows and events we’ve got on the menu. 

Big spectacles

Reading and Leeds, Download, Creamfields, Camp Bestival North & South, Isle of Wight Festival… Recognise any of these? Of course you do, and this is just a handful of the larger scale dates we’ll be staffing this summer. 

With hap, you can become a part of the famous festivals that make the UK the best country in the world for music lovers. Whether you’re working on the bars or securing wristbands, you’ll get to soak up the atmosphere when you’re on the job. And when you’re not, well, the festival is your oyster. Go and enjoy the greatest musicians in the game and get paid while you’re at it.

Smaller gems

Size isn’t everything. Sometimes, the smaller fields pack the biggest punch. From all-round belters like Kendal Calling and Electric Picnic to deep dance delights like Houghton Festival and Forbidden Forest, we have that much choice that you can literally pick and mix according to taste.

When it comes to the work-play balance, the same applies as the bigger festivals – except when you’re off shift, you might actually get to see the whole site before your next one starts!

One-off shows

As part of our announcement, we’ve included standout events that bring that same festival energy jam-packed into one stunning headline show. As part of the hap team, you can serve punters and simultaneously soak up the magic of rock legends like Green Day, Guns N’ Roses and Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as solo superstars like Liam Gallagher, Adele and Elton John.

Field-hopping with hap

Spoilt for choice? We would be too. And it gets even better… Take a look at the perks on offer when you sign up to work at festivals with hap:

  • Free entrance to the festival
  • Free accommodation in staff campsite
  • Free return transport from major cities (festival dependent)
  • Food provided throughout the placement (festival dependent)
  • Full access to festival grounds when off-shift
  • Training and guidance from hap for each event
  • Payment within 10 working days after the festival

Now, ask yourself: what’s stopping you from spending all season with us, bouncing from field to field and collecting a profit as you go?

How to apply

If you’re chomping at the bit to get some dates locked in, what are you waiting for? Registering and applying is really easy, and it goes like this:

1. Have an account with up-to-date details

New to hap? Simply register with us and follow the on-screen instructions. For current hap members, make sure your account details are up to date and correct. 

2. Express your interest

Log in, head to the Festival & Event Vacancies page, search through the selection, and express your interest at will. Act sooner to avoid disappointment! 

3. Secure your place

A month before the festival, we’ll release a ‘secure your place’ list, which you’ll be alerted about via email. But check our social channels too, just in case. Once you’ve secured your place, look out for an email confirming when your ‘call back day’ is. 

4. Call the office on your call back day 

You’ll be given a specific date and time period to call our office. We recommend calling as early as possible in that time to ensure you don’t miss out on the placement and any transport you need to get there.

5. Read your confirmation email

After booking your spot, look out for a confirmation email within 48 hours. This will tell you everything you need to know about the next steps and the event you’ve signed up for. 

6. Read your confirmation text

The day before the event, a confirmation text will briefly run over all the main details included in your confirmation email. Pay close attention to the meeting time and location. We also recommend checking your phone for other updates throughout the event – hap may send these via text. 

That’s all for now…

If you’re anything like us, those fields can’t come quick enough! Until then, you can keep up to date with us on Facebook and Instagram. We’re always posting news and information about the upcoming festival season and more. 

So, keep your finger on the pulse and be ready. You could soon get the opportunity to experience a summer like no other with hap.

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